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Friday, August 18, 2006

Reseller Double Play Summer Madness

Virgin Mobile and Virgin.net, both owned by ntl and yet resellers on the T-Mobile mobile network and BT wholesale broadband network have teamed up to offer yet another twist on multiplay market.

For £15/month you basically get:
• 300 mins Geographic calls to any mobile or fixed network
• 300 Texts
• Up To 8Mbps download speed
• 6GB/month download allowance

Notice that in the bundle you do not get:
• Subsidised mobile handset – its’ a SIM-card deal
• BT line rental (an extra £11/month)
• Any BT Calls
• Non-geographic Calls

Even crazier is that the Virgin Mobile Sim-free deal doesn’t come with a contract length – so if you’re bored of your handset after 6 months and want a new one for free in another type of bundle - you can leave both services

Personally, I cannot possiblly see, given the charges ntl will have to pay to BT and T-Mobile, how Virgin can possibly make any money whatsoever on the deal. Virgin.net and Virgin Mobile must be desperate for customers. The offer is only available under the end of October when either people will come to their senses or another crazy deal for the Autumn will be dreamed up.