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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

LLU can seriously damage a companies health

Last Friday a medium sized error prone UK ISP called PlusNet placed its’ LLU migration on hold. PlusNet does not have its’ own LLU equipment in the BT exchanges, but instead uses Tiscali as a wholesaler. In total, PlusNet claims to migrated 12,000 customers.

This is after the original UK LLUer, Bulldog, had such severe problems that OFCOM was called in to investigate. Wanadoo/Orange, a LLU wannabe, has revealed severe problems in the past as well.

According to the todays BT Openreach figures, we are now up to 682,432 unbundled lines and the weekly amounts have dropped significantly in the last couple of weeks (the last 4 weeks have been 10k,2k,17k,27k). It is still taking 10 days to complete an order.

This is all before vast backlog of Carphone Warehouse unbundling occurs – if the troubles are the same, Carphone current problems could pale into insignificance to what lies ahead…