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Thursday, August 17, 2006

OFCOM: Facilitating Broadband Churn

A few unscrupulous ISPs have been playing dirty when customers have requested to change suppliers for broadband services. These methods vary from the reluctance to giving out the MAC code required for a clean, uninterrupted service provider change to placing tags on lines to prevent new owners of houses moving to a different provider. The MAC code system is completely voluntary at the moment and OFCOM has no jurisdiction. This scenario is just for the standard BT Wholesale service.

In we add to this, the undoubted chaos that will ensue when the early adopters of LLU are at the end of their current contract. We have a situation made for regulation and OFCOM plan to fill the gap. Normally, I’m completely against regulation, but it is apparent that the ISPs have brought this one upon themselves as the Mobile Operators did before them.

The only thing I’m extremely disappointed about is that OFCOM plan to exempt ntl from the legislation. Personally I think this is completely unfair and delivers an advantage to the largest broadband player.