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Friday, November 03, 2006

1m LLU lines and counting

The October OTA update has revealed we have surpassed 1m homes unbundled. Also revealed was that things were finally improving with the BT Openreach performance.

However, I notice some real disparity between full and partial unbundling – the key indicator for me is the “First touch, last touch” indicator:
• Bulk Shared Unbundling – 91.71%
• Shared Unbundling – 86.03%
• Full Unbundling – new line – 16.58%
• Full Unbundling – line transfer – 3.57%

The relevance of this data is really important to Carphone who are taking the Full Unbundling route, but less worrying for Sky who are taking the shared route. I also noticed in this mornings Q1 earnings call that Sky claimed to be processing 20k orders per week – if that is the case they are taking just under 50% of the overall LLU net adds. We know from Thursday’s Carphone call that they only has managed unbundled 60k, which is less than Sky and only 6% of the total.

I’m going to have a busy weekend writing up the Sky & Carphone results and catching up with others.