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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

LLU Britain Update

I posted an analysis of the state of LLU Britain on the 20th June, so I thought it was time to do an update.

llu britain 9th Aug

O2 have been busy on the acquisition of Be rather than unbundling, they have recently added RFS dates for a whole string of exchanges well into the future (max. date Dec ’07). O2 seem to be taking their time and not rushing into anything rash.

Bulldog has actually had their number of exchanges substantially reduced from 628 to 478. This is because The Broadband Resource takes the data from the Bulldog residential checker rather than the wholesale checker. They also seem to halted unbundled after the announcement they were to focus on wholesale and the business sector.

D-day for TalkTalk is rapidly approaching with the 1,018 exchanges due to unbundled only 22 days away now.

Easynet are by far and away the busiest unbundler actually completing 135 exchanges in the last 50 days.

Pipex have started to unbundle with 11 exchanges completed in the month.

Wanadoo have seemed to have momentarily paused, the 87 exchanges due to be unbundled are on the 30th Sept.

AOL are missing from the list and keeping their data close to their chests (unlike some other more important data). Apparently they have approx. 300 exchanges already unbundled.

Many thanks for The Broadband Resource for the data and answering my questions. The Broadband Resource is without doubt the best starting place to see which ADSL services you can get from your local exchange.