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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Duncan and Creative Subsidies

There is a fascinating interview in todays Telegraph with the Channel 4 Head Honcho, Andy Duncan, in which he freely brags about thinking creatively about how to achieve a further public subsidy.

Personally I find this attitude abhorrent. Andy Duncan knows full well given some of the tripe that Channel 4 broadcasts there will be a public outcry if a single additional penny is handed over. So instead, he wants the cash hand out to be hidden in a tax-break subsidy to his suppliers.

All I can say is thank goodness the UK government is skint; Gordon Brown may find the potential of a £1bn price tag for tripe too mouth watering to resist.

In other news, OFCOM today revealed in their annual plan for 2007/8 that the Channel 4 funding review will be complete this year. On a related issue, I’m amazed that OFCOM still remains silent on the 40k complaints they received for this years “Celebrity Big Bother”