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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Another MVNO bites the dust…

TeliaSonera is to buy debitel the Danish MVNO for a minimum of €95m and maximum of €140m depending upon performance.

debitel is not a pure mobile mvno (300k subs) and also offers fixed (110k) and dial-up internet services (27k), so a pure valuation of the MVNO is impossible to work out. In addition, debitel has said they will also transfer other MVNO traffic, presumably in germany, onto the Teliasonera network. Annual Sales for the business was approx. €130m of which 66% was mobile, profits were not declared.

This means that the big three mvno’s in denmark: telmore, cbb and debitel are now all owned by the big three networks: tdc, sonofon (aka telenor) and teliasonera.