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Friday, June 02, 2006

Great Gigs on the Wire

The biggest sporting events have always been broadcast over the air and more recently from space, but this year we have two of the biggest broadcast over copper pairs, free of adverts and free of cost. The World Cup and Wimbledon are going to be broadcast live not only via multi-cast technology (this is only available for the select few) but also via unicast technology. I can hear the sound of corporate networks groaning and smaller ISPs crying at the prospect.

Both of these events typically get some of the highest ratings for sporting events in the UK. I just hope the BBC publishes the figures as to the viewing figures not only live, but the various highlights packages. If they don’t by autumn, I’ll personally serve them with a “Freedom of Information” request.

What will be even more interesting will be how many ISP networks grind to a halt and how many corporate networks block the traffic – but I doubt we’ll ever find out that data.