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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Orange & T-Mobile Asset Trade

T-Mobile Netherlands has acquired Orange Netherlands and Orange Espana has acquired Deutsche Telekom’s Spanish DSL business, ya.com. I had a little problem a couple of weeks ago with premature blogging not realising the value of the bundle in the Eurotelco M&A world.

A couple of points spring to mind:

In the space of a couple of years, the ultra-competitive Dutch (both mobile and fixed) market has evolved into an oligopolists field of dreams. I can see the same trend developing with a slight British flavour in our green and pleasant land.

The converged PTT monopolies are not going to allow Voda build a pan-euroDSL network with the same ease that they built a pan-euroGSM network. Currently, the Voda pan-euroDSL network is strong in Germany and France and expansion plans in Italy (Fastweb) and Spain (Ya.com) have both now been railroaded by ex-PTTs with larger chequebooks.