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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cheapest Broadband in (lucky parts of) Britain

Virgin Media is currently offering 2-meg broadband for £10/month on a twelve month contract with no line rental and a free modem. It is the perfect home communications package for someone who makes the majority of calls from mobiles and just needs broadband or is willing to experiment for VOIP.

A self-install also means the £25 installation fee is waived, although an up-front advance payment is required. A self-install is only possible for houses who already have the Virgin Media coax to their homes, but has the added bonus that you do not need a ticket for the "decent installer" lottery. Although, unpublished it also means that the unencrypted TV channels can be viewed on the parts of the Virgin Media network that still carry the analogue signals ie the majority.

All I can guess is that Virgin Media must be desperate for the headline customer numbers before reporting figures to the end of June.