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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Finally some good news for Cellular VAS

Interesting news from the land of the 187,888 lakes, especially as the Finns tend to be the trend leader for the rest of Europe in Cellular terms.

elisa - mobile trends

Apart from the healthy increase in six months of people actually using the service, the numbers of people who plan to use the services are fascinating. I’ve always thought that the use of maps with location would be an extremely strong application and it is in this context that I am slightly disappointed that Voda has surrendered to Google on this service. Nokia will be more disappointed than me, especially given their map product Smart2Go has now gone free for all.

It is also noticeable that my personal prediction for #1 Value Added Service of the future, MobileTV, was not included in the survey. Perhaps, it is because the Finns have cocked-up on the implementation?

A reason given for the results was that the increased sale of 3G capable phones.

elisa - mobile trends2

Elisa seems to be ripping apart the Finnish market (both cellular and broadband) especially when compared to Teliasonera’s performance.