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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pantech seeks Bankrupcy Protection

What is it with Helio and its handset suppliers? After VK Corp went bankrupt earlier in the year, Pantech looks as if it is following suit - that makes both of Helio handset providers in or about to go into bankrupcy protection. SK Telecom is a large shareholder in both Helio and Pantech.

In the UK, Pantech manufacturers the o2 Ice model and pulled out of UK distribution in early November.

Pantech, as BenQSiemens and VK Corp before it, highlights the problems that smaller handset manufacturers have in competing outside of niche markets like RIM and HTC. In fact, I’d add that the success of RIM and HTC just leads the larger handset makers and software providers to attack their markets and create huge pressures on them.

In fact, a question I posed earlier in the week to one of my more illustrious brethren was whether RIM would put itself up for sale before it was too late?