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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Without wishing to blow my own trumpet too much, I have recently started writing occasional Freelance articles for the well known UK site – “The Motley Fool”

The format is around 500 words which does not permit me to meander on aimlessly as I frequently venture with more personal posts on my blog. I’ve been busy this writing about the BT Vision launch and the Vodafone Emerging Market Day. I plan on writing more detail on both here on my blog, especially about Vodafone’s expansion plans.

I also have the honour of some of my US quoted stock stories syndicated on the brilliant “Seeking Alpha” website.

Anyway, it should be obvious to all that I am quite happy to accept private assignments and if you want more information email me offline.

Also, feel free to keep emailing me with general industry Tittle Tattle – all gossip both welcome and encouraged.