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Sunday, December 17, 2006

For Sale: Tiscali UK

Hardly surprising and pretty sensible.

According to the Independent on Sunday

Tiscali, the giant Italian internet company, has put its UK division up for sale with a price tag of up to £600m.The company, which has 1.4 million broadband and 50,000 pay-TV customers in Britain, sent a memorandum of sale to potential buyers last week.

It is believed that Tiscali UK, headed by its chief executive, Mary Turner, generates profits of around £30m per year. It is likely to be the last big British internet player that comes up for sale as companies in the sector choose to bolster their competitive positions or bail out altogether.
It will be extremely interesting to see who buys Tiscali UK, my personal favourites are in reverse order: #3 Orange, #2 Telefonica/O2, #1 BT.