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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Credit where Credit is due

Although, I am still of the opinion that Charles Dunstone will really struggle in the medium term with his foray into the triple play world, I have to credit him for his effort, openness and transparency.

From The Friday Blog Entry:

I know that writing a blog is quite unusual for somebody within a phone company. Conventional wisdom and indeed my own advisors keep reminding me that it is a risky thing to do as it is avidly read by journalists and our competitors. However, I am the first to admit that we have been overwhelmed by demand and I want to be honest with everyone about the progress we are making. Thank you for your support and interest, thank you also to the dedicated army of people at TalkTalk. I have lead them into a maelstrom of activity and action that has put tremendous strain on them all. They have responded fantastically with great resilience and good humour, I am very indebted to them all.
A few people have asked me what I would have done in his situation with a huge CPS base facing the prospect of diminishing away over time. My answer was I would have sold up