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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sir Christpher Bland exit interview with the FT

There is a wonderful interview with Sir Christopher Bland, Chairman of BT, in todays Financial Times. He deals with Openreach performance with a couple of lovely put downs:
Sir Christopher insists Openreach has performed "outstandingly", and describes Mr Pluthero as a "serial complainer". He says Mr Dunstone's problems with his broadband business "have been largely of his own making".
But more importantly, he let the cat out the bag with regard to BTs thinking on a post-ADSL2+ uk– it is VDSL2 and I’m disappointed. FttH is the most obvious to me and not some intermediary measure that will require upgrading in a 10-year horizon. I would urge BT to study the Verizon and AT&T situation in the US before making their final decision.