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Thursday, April 26, 2007

TalkTalk: Credit where Credit is due

Over the last couple of days, I have had a wonderful experience with TalkTalk Customer Service, overnight I emailed my ADSL settings:
Upstream Rate (Kbps) 448
Downstream Rate (Kbps) 3648
US Margin 24
DS Margin 13
and politely asked if my downstream margin could be reduced to improve my speed.

This morning, I received a wonderful reply that:
I’ve changed your profile to the 9DB SNR margin and you should see a speed improvement at this, I wouldn’t want to try the 6db margin as you may find you get a dropping connection with your line length being 3.1km from the exchange.
Sure enough, checking my router statistics this evening:
Upstream Rate (Kbps) 448
Downstream Rate (Kbps) 4416
How about that for service? Brilliant I say.

The secret to success seems to be periodically visiting the top TalkTalk forums where it is rumoured that Level2 TalkTalk Broadband engineers also lurk. In the future, I feel that politely posting questions to this new forum (that I am not connected with) might be read and more importantly solved by well connected readers of the forum.