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Thursday, February 22, 2007

UK Communications 2006 Advertising Spend

Marketing Magazine has revealed the Top 100 UK Advertisers for 2006. Here is extract featuring the UK Communications sector companies:

7 Orange £74,161k y-o-y: -16.1%
8 BSkyB £73,964k y-o-y: -5.7%
12 BT £64,827k y-o-y: +2.0%
14 Vodafone £61,929k y-o-y: +26.9%
19 T-Mobile £44,185k y-o-y: -2.0%
24 O2 £41,357k y-o-y: -3.0%
49 Hutchison 3G £26,270k y-o-y: +4.4%
58 Yell £23,764k y-o-y: +19.3%
66 Samsung UK £21,536k y-o-y: +39.2%
67 AOL £21,453k y-o-y: -1.8%
90 Nokia £17,106k y-o-y: -16.2%
95 NTL £16,553k y-o-y:+281.3%
Position, Name, Spend, Year-on-Year change
In the mobile telecoms market, Vodafone stands out with a 27% rise in adspend to £62m; Orange, T-Mobile and O2 all cut their budgets. However, the current data does not show spend on digital advertising, which is calculated later in the year. According to Dominic Chambers, head of brand and marketing communications at Vodafone UK, the company's digital spend has doubled for each of the past three years. 'Our priority is digital,' he admits. 'It allows us to reach discrete audiences and create a richer experience by creating interaction.'

Vodafone more than doubled its radio spend to nearly £12m, placing it second only to the COI in the category. 'About 25% of radio listening is now online, and radio is a great way to reach people on the move,' says Chambers. The company also increased its outdoor spend by 39% to £19m, making it the medium's second-biggest user, marginally behind Unilever.