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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apple iPhone - Vapourware

The iPhone ships in the US in June and in Europe in the fourth quarter. Asia will have to wait until next year.

And also a word of warning from one of his old acquaintances:
“Motorola Chief Executive Ed Zander was baffled when he had just joined the world’s second biggest mobile phone maker and saw his company announcing cell phones that would not be in the shops until nine months later. “I was totally amazed. It was January 2004 and we were talking about products for the second half of the year,” Zander said in an interview on Wednesday”

“I watched how the competition was copying all our products and that’s when Ron Garriques (Motorola’s handset chief) and I put our foot down,” he said.

From now on, Motorola will not announce products until the first models are delivered to customers, Zander said. “We announce when we ship.” He dismissed suggestions that Motorola was taking a cue from Apple whose chief executive Steve Jobs often gets on stage to announce new products, like the iPod music player, and which are available in shops five minutes later.
Courtesy: Reuters Blogs

Ironic – I think so…

Why the delay? Perhaps they have one or two tiny bugs to iron out?

Looks very sexy though...