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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pipex – The tackiness sinks to new depths

Pipex have decided to release David Hasselhoff’s new single 'Jump in My Car' onto the unsuspecting British public.

Mike Read, the famously asinine DJ from the 1970s and allegedly now Pipex CEO said “David needed no encouragement when we approached him about the release of 'Jump in My Car'. He is delighted that fans liked the Pipex ad and said he'd love to release 'Jump in My Car' in the UK.” The car in question is Hasselhoff’s equally crass KITT from the TV series 'Knight Rider'. The car actually out-acts Hasselhoff in the video.

Whatever happened to technical innovation? This is the sort of marketing trick you'd expect from someone used to selling youngsters silly T-Shirts - after all that's how the Pipex Chairman, Peter Dubens, made his fortune.